Four-zone air conditioning on the BMW X6

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Nowadays, driving a car on hot summer days without air conditioning seems to be a medieval skirmish of a knight equipped with a sword against a fire-breathing dragon. It’s almost gone travels with windows open just to feel the hot blast of air whipping us, which minimally compensates for the heat inside the car. Nowdays, […]

BMW iDrive system

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iDrive is a computer system in BMW cars, whose task is to support various types of vehicle functions. iDrive brings together all car systems in one structure, which allows the driver to conveniently and easily control the functions available. The system includes a color LCD display located on the dashboard, above the central console and […]

BMW X6 in matt black – movie

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See how easily and quickly you can change the original varnish into matte. The process is completely reversible and additionally protects the varnish from weather conditions. In the case of the offered BMW X6 40d xDrive, after removing the film, the varnish is like new!   source: