BMW X6 xDrive 40d Steptronic (E71).
It is one of the richest versions of the equipment – Individual, 4-seater, with a dynamic engine, in a row, 6-cylinder, R6 3.0l diesel (DOHC, bi-turbo).

Production year 2011, very good condition, has only normal signs of use. The engine is dry (no leaks) works perfectly, winter, summer starts without obstacles. Upholstery without chafing or damage, the whole interior neat and clean. Garaged car, washed only by hand car wash. Varnish like new, because after purchase, covered with a black mat, which was removed a few months ago. All activities related to the operation of the car carried out on time (serviced at the Dealership).

Company car used by one person, operated mainly on motorways in Poland, Austria and Italy, original mileage 180,000 km, first owner, never involved in an accident.

The new version according to BMW Polska, in this specification costs over 460,000 PLN! THE PRESENTED COPY HAS BEEN SOLD!