How does the door closing system work in BMW?

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Have you ever traveled with several passengers and each time they get out slam your door? Such a shot that it seems as if the car shed a tear in pain. This is one of the many things that gets every self-respecting driver to a white fever, repeating for the hundredth time in a row that this is not a grandfather’s 20 years old toddler (fiat 126p) and it is enough to just normally shut the door humanly.

However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Because the evolution of technology goes, or actually runs so fast forward, that today, new, innovative systems are created to make our lives better.

Such an example is the door closing system in BMW cars, called Soft Close. As you can hardly guess, by the name it is aimed at those who do not want their car door to be treated like a barn door, but have been gently and silently closed.

A simple idea, why slam the door when the car can close the door for you. All you have to do is push the door and the system will gently do the rest, without any disturbing noises.

zdjęcie schematu systemu soft close w bmw x6
Front door diagram of the Soft Close system in the BMW X6 source:

There are no wonderful solutions here, as in most cases the sensor solves the case. Every time the door is not closed correctly the sensor detects it. It is designed to detect the door halfway way, about 6mm from the handle.

When the sensor detects the desire to close the door, and the lock catches the handle, then the electric motor is started (each door has its own sensor and motor). The task of the electric motor is to tighten the door thoroughly, with a barely audible effect. Of course, each door must return to its starting position so that it can be re-opened. As you can see the matter is quite simple, and how many benefits and utility.


Soft Close from BMW was first installed in 2002 on 7 series cars, which seems to be the right solution considering the most expensive in the entire range of available models. This was seen as an adequate equipment option for a luxury car that should impress its future rich owners.

An undoubted advantage of having a system is the comfort of automatic door closing and the certainty of closing every time. Without the need to check again and wonder if I really closed the door or not?

Imagine you have small children who do not have enough strength to close the door properly. Having the system, it is enough for the child to slightly close the car door and the “soft close” completes the process automatically.

Ultimately, having a door closing system will help reduce wear on parts such as handle locks and hinges before using too quickly. Oh, let’s not forget about the cherry on top of the cake, in the form of luxury that the system will add to our car, which we can certainly impress our friends with.


The door closing system in BMW is offered as an accessory (accessory number is 323), and as you know additional options are additionally payable and the cost of such pleasure varies from 2,500 to 3,500 PLN, depending on the car model.

Although the system is designed for about 30,000 closing cycles, which gives about 10 years of use to the average Smith, it can break down. The door will close in the traditional way but it will not be “soft close” anymore, and the price of a new electric motor, not counting the replacement costs, starts from just over 1,000 PLN.

It is also a matter of changing from a car with a “soft close” to one that does not have one, it may take time before we close the door in a traditional way, putting in a little more force.


Below is a short film showing the operation of the soft close system in the BMW X6.